Quick Fixes For Fashion Emergencies

Emergency solutions for a fallen hem, loose button, broken heel and more...
Whether it's a fallen hem, loose button or broken heel, fashion emergencies happen to the best of us one time or another -- and they seem to strike at the most inconvenient times, too! But fret no more: Lilliana Vazquez, author of The Cheap Chica's Guide to Style, comes to the rescue with these creative make-do fashion fixes so you'll never be caught off-guard again.

Your hem comes undone

Fashion Fix: For a temporary hem in a pinch, you can use whatever tape is lying around: Masking, duct, gaffers' (But avoid staples -- they damage the fabric.) Even better, keep a roll of double-sided fabric "fashion" tape handy. This tape is handy for blouse gaps, too!

Your zipper sticks -- or worse, breaks

Fashion Fix: Soap or orthodontic wax works like magic on stuck zippers, says Vazquez -- or try rubbing a candle over the spot. For a broken zipper, use an adhesive Velcro strip to close the fly temporarily until you can get a replacement.

Your button is dangling by a thread

Fashion Fix: Take a twist-tie from a bag of bread and remove the paper coating. Thread the wire through the button and tie at the back of the cloth.

Your skirt or pants are wrinkled and there's no time to set up the ironing board

Fashion Fix: Your flat hair iron makes a great substitute -- no board needed. If your collar needs an extra perk-up, stiffen the fabric with a spritz of firm-hold hair spray.

Static cling makes your skirt tangle around your legs

Fashion Fix: Once again, hair spray comes to the rescue. Spray inside the skirt and add a couple of spritzes to your tights, says Vazquez.

A rushed morning leaves makeup stains on your blouse

Fashion Fix: Baby wipes can remove smaller stains. So can a damp warm cloth with hand soap.

Your bra strap breaks

Fashion Fix: Pull a safety pin through the strap ring and attach to the fabric. No safety pin? Try a paper clip or a key ring.

Your dog leaves hair all over your outfit -- and you don't notice it till you're at the office

Fashion Fix: Reach for anything sticky to lift the hair off -- Scotch tape, masking tape or even the rubbery adhesive on a large mailing envelope.

You take out a pair of shoes you haven't worn in ages -- and they're badly scuffed

Fashion Fix: Rub with the inside of a banana peel. "Something about it smooths out scuffs," says Vazquez. (Color-matching markers also work.)

Your favorite sweater snags on a sharp corner

Fashion Fix: Take the top of a closed pen and push the loop through to the inside of the sweater. Then knot the snag inside and secure with a dab of clear nail polish.

Your heel is coming loose

Fashion Fix: Wood glue or even chewing gum will keep the heel secure until you can get to a shoe repair shop.

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